UEA New Headquarters Building Project Spotlight

UEA Headquarters Project Spotlight

Utah Education Association’s New Headquarters in Murray, Utah

Forge Contractors is proud to be the general contractor for the Utah Education Association’s (UEA) new headquarters building in Murray, Utah. The project, designed by Think Architecture, is an undertaking that involves the partial demolition of the existing UEA office building and the construction of a new 20,209-square-foot, two-story facility. The new building will be located in the space of the previous parking lot, and the project scope includes site preparation, parking lot demolition, and vital repairs to the remaining portion of the initial building, which is currently owned and operated by a condo association.

Collaboration is Key to Streamlined Project Execution

From the start of the project, Forge Contractors has worked closely with UEA and Think Architecture to ensure a smooth and efficient construction process. Our preconstruction team, led by Rob Morris, has held regular meetings to review drawings, manage costs, and proactively address potential challenges. This early collaboration helps us align project objectives, manage costs effectively, and expedite the construction timeline.

Unique Challenges and Complexities

The UEA headquarters project presents several unique and complex challenges. First, the demolition and construction take place on a site that has been used by the UEA for over six decades; a portion of that existing building will remain. Our project superintendent, Josh Anderson, has carefully studied the original hand-drawn plans to ensure effective deconstruction. Additionally, we must navigate the complexities of working alongside an office condo association with multiple stakeholders. We are committed to transparent communication to minimize disruptions to their ongoing operations.

Drone shot of demo day at UEA headquarters building
Forge's weekly drone shots capture utility locations and monitor construction progress

Cutting-Edge Technologies and Sustainability

Forge Contractors is using industry-leading technology, such as Procore’s project management software, to streamline workflow and accelerate decision-making. We are also using weekly drone photography through Drone Deploy to monitor construction progress and document utility and trench locations. Using Struction Site, we take a series of 360-degree interior photographs each week to chronicle the construction phases and enhance project management efficiency. Our Preconstruction team tackles complex coordination of tight spaces for utilities and clash detection between trades through Navis Works. 

Overcoming Challenges Through Innovation

Demolition has been a particularly challenging phase of the project, due to regulatory permitting requirements, asbestos abatement, and unexpected difficulties related to the building’s multi-phase construction. Our team has successfully overcome these challenges through regular communication with subcontractors, the condo association, and the Utah Education Association. Our ability to adapt and be flexible has been crucial in navigating these unexpected challenges effectively.

UEA headquarters building demo day
Forge and UEA on demo day

A Relationship Built on Trust and Mutual Value

Throughout the project, Forge Contractors has prioritized establishing trust with UEA, acknowledging their background in education rather than property development. We maintain an open-book approach, ensuring complete transparency regarding project budgets that lead to the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP). Our commitment to aligning the project with the client’s vision and providing cost-effective solutions adds significant value to our partnership.

A Landmark Project that Builds a Legacy

The Utah Education Association’s new headquarters building is a landmark project with sentimental and legacy value for the organization and the educators of Utah. Forge Contractors is committed to the successful execution of this project and is proud to be contributing to this enduring legacy.

Thank you to the entire design and construction team!

Owner: Utah Education Association

Architect: Think Architecture

Structural Engineer: Reaveley Engineers

Mechanical Engineer: Gunthers

Electrical Engineer: Champion Electric

Civil Engineer: Benchmark Engineering

Landscape Design: Think Architecture

Interior Design: Think Architecture

General Contractor: Forge Contractors


  • Advanced Systems Construction
  • Allotech
  • B & D Glass Inc
  • Beacon Commercial Door & Lock
  • Boswell Wasatch Mills LLC
  • Cannon Sales Inc
  • Clegg Steel
  • Colton Inc
  • CP Build
  • Eighty 8 SWPPP
  • Green Construction, INC
  • Impact Fire
  • Jones Excavating Company INC
  • KCG Services
  • Kim Pierce Masonry Inc
  • Mitchell Acoustics Inc.
  • Nicolson Construction Inc
  • Otis Elevator Company
  • Premier Building Supply
  • Sage Demolition
  • Steel Encounters
  • Western States Waterproofing

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