Meet the Team: Kacie Pontius

FORGE meet the team kacie pontius

Meet Kacie Pontius, the vibrant HR representative at Forge Contractors. She plays a pivotal role in shaping our dynamic work environment and reinforcing our core values: trust, value, and integrity.

Cultivating a People-First Culture

Kacie’s primary focus is our employees, our most valuable asset. As our HR representative, she has the unique ability to drive positive change, address concerns, and create a supportive and cohesive workplace at Forge Contractors.

Thriving in the World of General Contracting

Kacie’s journey in the general contracting industry has been exhilarating, filled with opportunities for learning and professional growth. She takes great pride in being part of Forge Contractors, a company known for its rapid progress and unwavering reputation for value and trust in the construction sector.

Championing a Positive Company Culture

Building a positive company culture is a shared endeavor, and Kacie leads the charge with unwavering passion. Guided by the influential leadership of Greg Fix, our cohesive leader, Kacie plays a vital role in creating an environment marked by trust, positivity, and value—qualities that resonate with our dedicated team.

Embracing HR Technology

Kacie is at the forefront of incorporating technology into HR operations with the introduction of a new HRIS program. This innovation will streamline various HR functions, consolidating benefits, banking information, and more into a user-friendly platform, enhancing the employee experience and making benefits more understandable.

Driven by Excellence

Motivated by Forge’s shared vision of excellence and inspired by Greg Fix’s leadership, Kacie’s HR goals for the year are aligned with our core values. She aims to advocate for the Forge culture, nurture our talent pool, and streamline HR operations to ensure compliance, attract and retain top talent, and support scalable growth.

An Active Life Beyond Work

When Kacie is not supporting our team or implementing HR initiatives, she lives life to the fullest. Her passion for outdoor activities, from gardening to planning exciting weekend getaways, reflects her dynamic approach to both her personal and professional life.

Forge Contractors isn’t just about providing outstanding construction services; it’s about nurturing strong relationships, pursuing shared goals, and fostering exceptional growth. Kacie Pontius, with her indispensable role at our company, embodies the spirit of Forge Contractors.