Meet the Team: Kacie Pontius

Discover the dynamic influence of Kacie Pontius, our HR representative at Forge Contractors, as she cultivates a people-first culture and drives positive change in our work environment. Learn how she champions our core values—trust, value, and integrity—while leveraging HR technology for operational excellence.

Meet the Team: Todd Davis

Todd Davis joined the Forge family last summer and quickly showcased his value by finding ways to improve processes and productivity on our job sites. As a project manager, Todd plans and executes the planning, schedule, building, resources, and reporting for Forge construction projects. He’s successfully led the completion of...

Meet the Team: Kaylie Steele

Kaylie Steele is the wizard behind the Forge Contractors company curtain. As our office assistant, she supports us in a variety of ways without breaking a sweat.

Not Just Business As Usual

At Forge Contractors, a bronze sculpture by Utah sculptor Jim Rennert titled “Business as Usual" sits on display. The sculpture depicts two groups of businessmen in a tug-of-war, seemingly on opposing sides, but with the same goal - winning. But for Greg Fix, President and Chief Operating Officer, this sculpture...

Meet the Team: Preston Worthen

As Forge Contractors' project engineer intern, Preston Worthen is gaining hands-on experience on the firm's commercial, tenant improvement, manufacturing, and warehouse projects.