Meet the Team: Preston Worthen

As Forge Contractors’ project engineer intern, Preston Worthen is gaining hands-on experience on the firm’s commercial, tenant improvement, manufacturing, and warehouse projects. While pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Construction Management at Utah Valley University, he sees classroom experiences come to life as he assists superintendents and project managers with tasks and responsibilities.

In addition to keen problem-solving and organizational skills, Preston can draw from four years of experience as a concrete laborer, installer, and framer. With an eye for detail, he handles subcontractor submittals and RFIs and works hard to ensure a project is moving along according to plan and on time. Clients value his ability to listen to questions and concerns and competently address them.

Forge Contractors recognizes today’s interns are tomorrow’s workforce. Preston is learning the firm’s mission, policies, and practices to better equip him to deliver the best solutions for Forge clients and industry partners.

Something not everyone knows about Preston is that he’s a Strong Deutan (no, that’s not a Star Trek character). Deutan is a type of red-green color blindness. While someone with normal color vision can distinguish seven hues of color, Preston can only see two different hues of color. In his case, it’s blues and purples. When he’s not in class or working, Preston enjoys rock climbing, sports, and games.